Physical and Vital Information
Owned By Ariel
Species Kitten
Gender Female
Theme Colors Orange, Silver, Light Purple
Voice Stephanie Sheh (App)

Sanai Victoria (Whisker Haven)

Treasure is a young kitty that belongs to Ariel. Treasure was discovered on Prince Eric's ship and they kept her there until founded by Ariel.



Treasure is a dark orange kitten with cream coloring on her face, chest, and stomach. Slightly loose fur is on each cheek, along with a pale pink blush. Her nose is dark pink, while her inner-ear is cream. She has cerulean eyes. She has a single thick forelock curling to the side, along with a thick very curled tail held with a glittering purple leaf ornament.

She wears a silver crown with a clam shape in the center, accented with a purple gem. Her silver collar matches it.


'Treasure is a very curious kitten that actually happens to enjoy water! But she has always dreamed of living in a big fancy castle and likes to collect trinkets. She loves Caviar, swimming, and bubble baths."


  • "Could you help me get ready for the party?"

​(Getting Bathed and Blow Dried)

  • "
  • "
  • "

(Getting groomed and trimmed)

  • "
  • "
  • "
  • "

(Getting Fed)

  • "
  • (Eating) "
  • (Eating) "
  • (Eating) "
  • (Eating) "

(Getting Dressed)

  • "


  • Furry Tail Friends Treasure, comes with a purple brush with a silver seashell gem on it.
  • Treasure Talk and Sing Collectable. Comes with the same purple brush that the other sets have.
  • Wiggle and Wag Doll
  • Build-A-Bear Doll
  • Stuffed Animal/Plush Doll
  • Glitzy Glitter Friends
  • AirWalker® Balloon Buddy
  • Princess Doll and Pet Figure Set
  • Plush Handbag
  • Lego
  • Ornament
  • Pawfection Styling Head
  • Wristwatch
  • Whisker Haven Tales Playset - Pool Party
  • Pawcation: Fruity Fashion Pets
  • Balloon Buddy Airwalker Decoration Supplies


  • In the Palace Pets App Treasure's muzzle, chest, and stomach appears lighter in coloring then shown in the art. The same markings can be seen through her tail. 
  • She's one of the main characters in Whisker Haven.
  • She made a cameo in the Whisker Haven Episode: Whisker Haven Masquerade.
  • She appeared in Whisker Haven Episodes: Welcome to Whisker Haven, The Whisker Haven Night Knight Guard, Cake-tillion, A Dreamy Birthday, Hat's a Wrap!, Throwing a Ball, The Cookie Boogie, Harvest Haven, Hearts! Hooves! Eggs!, Treasure's Island, Slipper Sparkle, Pets on the Hunt!, Whisker Haven Buddies Day, and Where is Taj?
  • She made a speaking cameo in the Whisker Haven Episode: Halloween in Whisker Haven.


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