PP - Snowpaws
Physical and Vital Information
Owned By Mulan
Species Snow Leopard
Gender Female
Theme Colors Turquoise, Pink, Purple, White
Voice (App)

(Whisker Haven)

Snowpaws is Mulan's pet snow leopard. She met Mulan after spotting the snow sculpture she made as she hid behind it.



A white snow leopard with green eyes and dark purple eyebrows. Her nose is pale pink, while her tail is pink to match her inner-ear. Her paw mark is turquoise to match the spots on her lower body and head.

She wears a light purple crown adorned with gold and violet gems, along with two gold sticks with pearls on top and two small fuchsia tassels. She wears a hot pink scarf with a fuchsia fringed tassel hanging from a large pearl, while a glittery blue ribbon is tied to her tail.


A crafty snow leopard with a talent for making things.


  • Furry Tail Friends


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(Getting Bathed and Blow Dried)

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(Getting groomed and trimmed)

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(Getting Fed)

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  • (Eating) "
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(Getting Dressed)

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  • As a toy, she has a green paw marking, instead of turquoise.
  • Snowpaws gets her appearance in Whisker Haven someday and will hopefully make more appearences in other episodes, that will be made.
  • Snowpaws got her cameo in the whisker haven episode: Tunnels of Fun and will hopefully make more cameos in other episodes, that will be made.